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Information on changes caused by COVID-19


Dear Customers!


We do our best to make online shopping as smooth as possible. We are working hard to serve our valuable customers despite the shortage of household chemical packagings, the soaring purchasing prices, the increased production and delivery times and costs.


Thanks to our extensive knowledge, strong market position and global sourcing network, we provide our stocks from several sources all over the world, however, we cannot influence certain circumstances, therefore we have to calculate with the followings:


  • longer production and delivery times,

  • price increase, (up to 30% -400%)


Important information about the availability of standard products due to the coronavirus:


The surge in demand due to the coronavirus epidemic, as well as the disruptions in the movement of goods, are also affecting our standard products.


We strive to keep standard items in stock at all times, however, it is possible for someone to purchase all available quantities by placing multiple web orders. There is no need to worry even then, we are working on purchasing the product as soon as possible, our goal is to be able to offer the product again soon, even in small quantities.


We constantly inform our customers on our website, newsletter, social media channels and, in case of questions, on the e-mail availabilities of our customer service!


Thank you for your understanding!