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Декларация за конфиденциалност

All In Packaging is committed to respect and maintain the confidential and personal data of its customers. A significant part of our commercial portal is visible at any time without the visitor’s having to disclose his/her identity or provide any personal data.

However, access to certain sections of our portal is subject to registration, in order to customize certain personal information and to provide better services to our customers. In order to improve communication with users and the quality of our products and services (including registration), we may request information from users about their personal and business interests, statistical data related to them, their experience with other products and desired contact method and related aspects.

During registration, you are required to provide us data which qualify as personal data. Certain data (for example name, phone number, e-mail address) must be provided, while other data are not mandatory either for registration or online purchases. All In Packaging does not sell, does not rent and does not lend customer data to other companies (not related to the operation of the service).

In this case, our company as data manager shall handle and keep record of your data by fully respecting the provisions of laws regarding the protection of personal data and the publicity of information of public interest, and shall use them to provide the services only in those areas which you expressly authorized.

We shall not make your personal data provided to us during registration available to other persons under any circumstances - without your express consent to do so -, except if obliged by law or official procedures. All In Packaging cannot undertake full responsibility for the truthfulness of data from its customers published on the internet.